Black Francolin

Francolinus francolinus

© Ilya Ukolov | 2018-04-25 | Bilasuvar

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2019-01-27. Ilya Ukolov: Green Leaf-warbler, Common Redstart, Caspian Tit, Grey Wagtail, Common Nightingale, Red-backed Shrike, Rock Bunting, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Short-toed Snake-Eagle, White-throated Dipper, Whiskered Tern, Black-сrowned Night Heron, Squacco Heron, Common Starling, Bearded Reedling, Whimbrel, Lesser Kestrel, Lesser Short-toed Lark, Coal Tit, Barn Owl, Little Bustard, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Eurasian Skylark, Pallas's Gull, Mute Swan, Eurasian Wigeon, Red-breasted Goose, Grey-headed Swamphen, Common Moorhen, Chaffinch, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Corn Bunting, Spanish Sparrow, Cetti’s Warbler, Eurasian Treecreeper, Long-legged Buzzard, Isabelline Wheatear, Montagu's Harrier, Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard, Peregrine Falcon, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Icterine Warbler, Common Sandpiper, Long-eared Owl, Little Egret, Little Gull, Blue-cheeked Bee-eater, Ruff male, Reeve female, Eurasian Griffon, Wallcreeper, Chukar Partridge, Alpine Accentor, Siberian Stonechat, Glossy Ibis, Greylag Goose, Common Wood Pigeon, Great Grey Shrike, Black Kite, Eurasian Siskin, Greater White-fronted Goose, Hawfinch, White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Common Shelduck, Common Chiffchaff, Common Kestrel, Gadwall, Dunlin.

2019-01-26. Ilya Ukolov: Horned Lark / Shore Lark, Northern House Martin, Little Owl, Golden Eagle, Water Pipit, Twite, Marbled Duck, European Turtle Dove, Little Tern, Pygmy Cormorant, Red-crested Pochard, Woodchat Shrike, Black-winged Stilt, Black-headed Bunting, Black Francolin, Cattle Egret, White-throated Robin, European Green Woodpecker, Syrian Woodpecker, Booted Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Rufous-tailed Rock-thrush, Northern Wheatear, Finsch’s Wheatear, Western Rock-nuthatch, Radde’s Accentor, Eurasian Golden Oriole, Tawny Pipit, Crimson-winged Finch, Linnet, Rock Bunting, Long-tailed Tit, Common Hoopoe / Eurasian Hoopoe, Ménétries’s Warbler, Black-headed Wagtail, Eurasian Curlew, Collared Pratincole, Purple Heron, Shikra.

2019-01-22. Ilya Ukolov: Ring Ouzel, Caucasian Snowcock, Red-fronted Serin, European Stonechat, Red-billed Chough, Dunnock / Hedge Sparrow, Caucasian Chiffchaff, Black Redstart, Rock Sparrow, Northern Wheatear, White-winged Snowfinch.

2019-01-18. Anna Danilova: Rose-ringed Parakeet, Laughing Dove, Rook, Little Grebe, Common Black-headed Gull, Common Coot, Black-necked Grebe, Common Pochard, Tufted Duck, Caspian Gull, Blue Tit, Hooded Crow.

2018-04-28. Zulfu Farajli: Richard's Pipit, Armenian Gull, Lesser White-fronted Goose, White-tailed Lapwing, Eurasian Treecreeper, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Coal Tit.

2018-04-26. Boris Georgi: Blue Tit.

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2019-01-27. to photo # 00040004201 (Tawny Pipit)

Andrew Bazdyrev: Ого, какой странный - почти без брови.

2019-01-22. to photo # 00020000402 (Richard's Pipit)

Andrew Bazdyrev: Вполне может быть и полевой-сеголеток: тёмная полоса от клюва доходит прямо до глаза, каёмки всех средних кроющих на сгибе крыла белые (у степного [....]

2018-04-28. to photo # 00020000503 (Armenian Gull)

Zulfu Farajli: With 3+ Caspian Gulls.

2018-04-27. to photo # 00030000601 (Blue Tit)

Аскар Исабеков: в Казахстане, на Мангышлаке лазоревки встречаются зимой, и мы считаем, что это птицы, откочевывающие к югу из поймы Урала. А ведь это могут [....]

2018-04-24. to photo # 00030000501 (European Greenfinch)

Аскар Исабеков: отличная фотография!

2018-04-24. to photo # 00020000301 (Western Yellow Wagtail)

Аскар Исабеков: E.Panov wrote that some of hybrids feldegg x beema are almost identical to leucephala. We regularly found white-heded Yelow Wagtails in Kazakhstan (I saw one two days ago), probably birds from the eastern part of republic are lecocephala but ones from [....]

2018-04-22. to photo # 00020000301 (Western Yellow Wagtail)

Zulfu Farajli: Still not sure is it leucocephala subspecies or hybrid. Any ideas?

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